Do you provide evidence of provenance? 

Yes.  When items were first collected, the point of origin was solicited.  If the provenance was available, it was recorded. The full provenance for each item  is indicated in the item description, to the extent it is known.

Is there sales tax?

The point of sale is Austin, Texas.  If the product is being shipped to a Texas address, the tax is collected.  Otherwise, it is not.  

Where did the collection come from?

The collection was amassed, piece by piece, over a period of almost 50 years, and items were selected from every corner of the globe. 

Is it legal to buy antiquities?

It depends on the item and point of origin.  To the best of our knowledge, all non-US items in the collection were imported under the laws and regulations of the United States and the country of origin at the time of import.  Some countries have more restrictive regulations than others.

How will items be packaged?

All items will be professionally packed and insured.  Please refer to shipping and returns for more information.

Can I insure my purchase?

Your purchase will be insured for its full sales price, at no cost to you.  

Can I have items appraised?

You are welcome to have an item appraised by an independent appraiser in Austin, Texas. 

Will new items be added to the sale, or is the full collection online?

New items will appear over time. 

Can I be notified of new items when they are added?

Yes, please indicate your area of interest and we will notify you as new items are added.

Will items ever be discounted?  Can I make an offer of a lower price?

You are welcome to suggest an alternative price.  We reserve the right to decline your offer.

Will the remaining collection be sold at a discount after some date in the future?  What will you do with items that don’t sell?

Items that do not sell in 2018 may be discounted next year, but there is no guarantee that the price will be reduced in the future.  Items that do not sell will remain in the collection.  

Can I examine the pieces prior to purchase?

You may request additional photography and may examine any item in person in Austin, Texas. Please contact us for more information.

Can items be put on hold?

For items over $1,000, you may pay 50% down (that is, not less than $500) and the rest in installments.  The item will be shipped to you once all payments have been received.