Shipping + Returns

  • If the item is damaged during shipping, please immediately take pictures of the package and contents. Please call 512.848.8942 or email so that we may make an insurance claim.
  • On receipt, if you are dissatisfied with the item’s quality, you may return the item — as long as we have discussed your issue and given you prior approval in writing. You will be fully responsible for return shipping and insurance costs. Once we have received the undamaged item, we will refund your total purchase cost.
  • Our item price is inclusive of original shipping, handling and insurance. We will track your package(s) to the delivery address you have chosen. Please choose a delivery address such that you or your designee can properly sign for the package(s).
  • Las Casitas Collection is not responsible for fees charged outside the United States by Customs or other Authorities of other nations, by Agents of the Buyer, or storage facilities outside the United States.


  • The place of origin or earliest known history of an object, crystal or fossil is of vital interest to many museums and other collectors. With each item, a point of origin has been provided. Additional information including original receipts, position in a previous private collection, and certificates, if available, will be provided to the buyer. At the time any item was added to the Las Casitas Collection, it was done, to the best of our knowledge, in accord with laws of the United States, and nation of origin, which were in force at the time of acquisition.
  • Any export to a location outside of the United States will be in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States. Any package sent by Las Casitas Collection will reflect accurate and complete information regarding provenance, as known to us.


We respect your Privacy. We will not share your information with any party, other than is necessary for banking, shipping and insurance unless required by law or in legal proceedings.